Jan 2019 Advent Of Code 2018

Learning programming through advent of code 2018. I review two things that I learned while doing the challenges

Dec 2018 Making A Transistor From Scratch Part 2

In this article we will be going from silicon dioxide to a transistor. The base for semiconductor industry

Nov 2018 Oil Refineries Around The World

I was testing d3js, GEOjson and some javascript code which I found interesting and wanted to share

Nov 2018 Making A Transistor From Scratch Part 1

Starting with the theory on how a transistor is made! Why silicon is used and how it is doped to create new characteristics

Oct 2018 Altitude First Look

Altitude is a time-budgeting app to plan your time and review each day to make you more productive.

Aug 2018 Rocket Or Tower

Recently I started working on fast.ai, this is my attempt at creating a network.

Jan 2018 Books For 2018

My goal is to read 52 books this year. In this post, I have my reviews of books I've read so far

Dec 2017 Single Packet Webpage

Each webpage is a combination of multiple packets which are re-combined. As an experiment, I wanted to fit an article into one packet of information

Oct 2017 Parsley For Style

Web app written in Django to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare food.

Sep 2017 Automatic Paintball Turret

Developed for the MECH 4806 course at Carleton University. Autonomously track, target, and engage an object

Aug 2017 Studio

studio is a simple static site generator for a web journal. Making it easy to convert your text articles in to webpages