2019 Projects

An article of things I worked on in 2019. I didn't think it justified its own post, but I would like to share

  1. Altitude - A time budgeting app
  2. Parsley for Style - A recipe website
  3. Pictures to Text - A fun ASCII desiginer



In this project I used React, Redux and Electron. After starting this project in Angular, I changed my path to React. I found Angular to be too rigid and I got to a point where I couldn’t add anything expect the most simple actions. I tried Redux, I would recommend not using it to start a new project. It add more complexity while not offseting the benefits

Figure 1. Altitude.

Electron was an interesting test and I would use it in the future. It is great to have the same enviroment over all operating systems and writing in HTML, CSS and Javascript

Figure 2. Altitude.

Parsley for Style


This was my first Django app using, a web framework built on top of Python. Although not the prettiest interface Ive ever designed. This had the ability to sign up users and keep a list of users choices

Figure 2. Parsley for Style.

The site was hosted on AWS and used elastic beanstalk service - with EC2 servers, load balancing and S3 for static data. The database, also hosted on AWS as an RDS instance runs a Postgres database and allows flexiblity to develop the app further

Figure 2. Parsley for Style: Slow cooker sesame beef.

Pictures to Text


A fun and quick script written in python to convert an image into text. I used pillow and numpy libraries

Figure 2. Pictures to Text.
    _<V _MMK_ 
  _1P"`    "gg